5 Boss Babe Halloween Costumes

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

By Hayley Heaton, Content Manager at Vivint Solar and Freelance Writer.

Whether fictional or non-fictional, boss babe Halloween costumes are all the rage this year, and by rage, I mean rage against the patriarchy. If you're leaning into your inner feminist this fall, consider dressing as one of these five boss ladies.

Elenor Roosevelt (1884 –1962)

Claim to Fame: First Lady of the United States (the World and the Universe) who championed civil rights for African Americans, Asian Americans, and WWII refugees. She was the first First Lady who held her own press conferences, wrote newspaper and magazine columns, and hosted a radio show.

For Your Costume:

  • Vintage floral dress preferably with a lace collar

  • Sensible leather shoes

  • A long string of pearls

  • A small handbag

  • And a nice hat complete with hat pin

Rosie the Riveter (1940's and beyond)

Claim to Fame: The most iconic image of a working woman; her strength still inspires us today.

For Your Costume:

  • Denim jumpsuit,

  • Red and white scarf tied in your hair

  • Work boots

Beyonce (Timeless)

Claim to Fame: Um...she's Beyonce. But beyond that, she's inspired a generation of working women to love themselves, to love their work, and to love their families fiercely. I'll just quote one of her feminist anthems, Run the World (Girls), "Boy you know you love it/How we're smart enough/To make these millions/Strong enough to bare the children/Then get back to business."

For Your Costume: Go full on Beychella!

  • Short denim cutoffs

  • Yellow sorority sweatshirt

  • A white pair of marching band boots

See Homecoming on Netflix for inspiration.

Anne Lister AKA Gentleman Jack (1753–1836)

Claim to Fame: Widely known to be the first modern lesbian. As an English landowner her wealth allowed her to live somewhat freely. She was an avid journal writer and catalogued her relationships with other women in a coded version of Ancient Greek and Algebra.

For Your Costume:

  • Black frock coat, long black skirt, high-necked blouse, black lace-up boots

  • Black top hat and aggressive walking stick

See HBO's series Gentleman Jack for inspiration.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg AKA RBG (The Ultimate in Timeless)

Claim to Fame: The most badass Associate Justice on the U.S. Supreme Court. RBG has spent her life and career advocating for the advancement of women's rights and gender equality.

For Your Costume:

  • Long black robe

  • Lace collar

  • Sassy, but classy earrings

  • Pulled back hair

  • Confident smirk

See the documentary RBG for inspiration.

There are many more great boss babe women from which to choose a Halloween costume. These five are really just jumping off points for you to get in the future-is-female spirit. Remember, if you're not into dressing up as one of these amazing ladies, you can always just be yourself, because you're a total boss babe, too (no costume needed).

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