Amy Caldwell on Why Human Capital Makes RevRoad a Unique VC and Incubator

Amy is the Executive Director and a co-founder at the newest business venture services group in Provo, UT called RevRoad.  Amy is over new business development, supporting the portfolio companies brought into the program, events, investor engagement, and relationships both within RevRoad and the community.

She also sits on the board of directors for Momni, a caresharing platform that links moms for childcare, and SkillStruck, which teaches kids and teens to learn coding skills. 

Amy has managed a high-end boutique, as well as the store coordinator and customer service manager for a large corporation in electronic retail sales. She enjoyed her time as an inside sales manager and outside sales for a cellular company, organizing large fundraising events and building strong customer networks.

She worked for Caroline Productions as an assistant locations manager and worked with directors and producers to film the hit show “Touched by an Angel.” Amy is a Missouri farm girl at heart and loves all things farm-life. 

Amy's education background centers around vocal music education in higher ed. Amy’s greatest joys come from spending time with her best friend and husband, four beautiful children, serving in her church, listening to a good book and dreaming of spending limitless time on a warm beach someday.

How does RevRoad differ from the other VCs and incubators around the Salt Lake Valley?

RevRoad is very different from other VCs and incubators in many ways. We provide human capital as opposed to dollars for services. Our services consist of a robust spread of needed business resources that every company needs at various stages of growth. We have built our agreement around the entrepreneur and their company’s best interest. We invest our resources by identifying real deliverables over a two year period of time. We hold ourselves to the highest quality of work under the leadership and direction of the business owner. We believe by working alongside the entrepreneur, we are better able to help grow, scale faster and help them keep control of their company.

What has been the greatest reward, as well as the greatest challenge being a woman in VC?

One of the greatest rewards of being a woman in this industry is to see so many fantastic companies and to find ways to help them. It’s a great feeling knowing we can help some companies that may not have been given a second glance in other situations.

The greatest challenge is not being able to bring each of these companies in. We have to be very selective based on the valuable resources we provide and the capacity we have. That is why we’ve created great events to give back and help others for free that don’t get accepted into RevRoad as a portfolio company. We do like keeping our eye on those companies as potential companies to work with at a later date.

How can we encourage more women to get involved in the VC world?

Believe in yourself. It can seem like a big scary world, but it’s really just made up of people just like you and me. People who need each other’s help in all kinds of different areas. Never assume others know it all or have all of the answers. Most of the time they are faking it till they make it by just putting themselves out there. It can be one of the hardest things to do, but you have to go to that event, conference, networking hour, meeting, etc. Whatever it is, you’ll find someone there who is looking to help. Don’t be afraid to try.

What advice would you give to women who are hoping to balance career and being a mother?

Know you can’t do it all! Set goals that are reachable and be patient with yourself. Your family should always come first. Everyone sacrifices in this situation, but know your limits and boundaries and be true to them. This was a hard one for me as I tend to be a people pleaser. Climbing that ladder of success shouldn’t come at the expense of your family. EVER!

What does a perfect day look like for you in Provo (or where you specifically live)?

A perfect day in Provo, where I work, is to get to work after the 8 am hour and leave by 3:30 pm to be home with my littles. The time in between is filled with lots of productive meetings and work that help to get to the next goal, as well as lots of laughter with the best co workers.

A perfect day in Mapleton, where I live, is to wake up late, go for a long walk along the Mapleton trail with my puppy and husband. Then to grab the littles for a fun lunch together and maybe catch a fun movie or play card games that bring out the competitiveness in each of us and belly laugh all evening long.

Where would you most like to live?

This is an easy one. I dream of living on a sandy beach with crystal clear turquoise blue water. I have a few specific places that have landed at the top of my wish list, but nothing decided for sure yet. I’ll get serious about the “where and when” in a few more years. I stress FEW!

What is your most treasured possession?

My family is my most treasured possession. I can lose everything I have, but my family. I have an eternal perspective on the family unit, so I know they’ll never be lost to me. How cool is that!

What do you regard as the lowest depth of misery?

To feel lost in life would have to be the lowest depth of misery. Tough times and trials come to us all. Regardless of station in life, that is part of the gig. But to feel like you have no path or purpose would be pretty tough.

What is your favorite occupation?

Motherhood and wife would have to be my favorite occupation EVER! I enjoy lots of other things in life, but I find my greatest joys in being a wife to my hunky hubby and mother to my fantastic four littles.

What is your most marked characteristic?

I’d say I’m fiercely loyal. Once a person has gained my trust and respect, I’m loyal all the way.

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