Beta Boom and Womenpreneurs launch Startup Academy for Women

Do you have an early-stage company in the software space? Are you looking for the necessary support and guidance in the areas of product-market fit, properly scaling your company and raising funds for your company? Well then look no further!

Beta Boom and Womenpreneurs have teamed up and created the Startup Academy for women. It's a 6-month program covering everything from creating a three-year plan for your business, to measuring and understanding product-market fit, from leadership training to the process of fundraising.

When we look at the stats, both nationally and locally, the percentage of funding going to women is dismal. According to data from PitchBook and All Raise, in 2018, female founders based in the U.S. raised $2.88 billion split across 482 teams. That's right! That number was split between 482 different teams. That’s a total of 2.2% out of the $130 billion total in venture capital money invested over the year. What's even more disturbing is, this is a decline from 2.53%, which PitchBook reported after recategorizing some 2017 deals. Here's the Fortune article outlining in detail what funding looked like for female entrepreneurs in 2018.

The final submission day for applications is March 1st at midnight. Deliberation, interviews and the final decision will be made between March 1st and March 13th, with the academy will start on Monday, April 6th, 2020.

Founders based anywhere in the U.S. are encouraged to apply, and accepted teams will be required to spend three one-week periods in the Salt Lake City area, where Beta Boom and Womenpreneurs are based.

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