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Connect and Be Heard Through Braid Workshop

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

Early in 2016, Allison Lew started Braid, a community and resource for women in Utah to connect, empower one another, and collaborate. If you ask her why she chose the name Braid, Allison will explain, “One strand by itself can easily bend or break, but when you weave the threads together, they add strength to each other.” With the help of co-founder, Kassidie Henrie, Braid grew their network of women to over 2,000 in just a few years.

Braid has created incredible resources for our community in Utah, from events, workshops, and awards, to mentorship opportunities and most recently a scholarship with Tangible School.

Always trying to understand what their community needs and wants, Braid listens closely to the needs presented by the women they bring together. You know that friend who listens to one of your struggles and then immediately tries to find solutions for you? Braid is that friend.

At each event they host, you will most likely have an opportunity to express your needs. Don’t be shy when this ask comes your way because the women Braid has brought together are hearing you. Don’t be surprised if you get an email out of the blue from Allison, passing along some connections she thinks would benefit you in your journey.


“BRAID WOMEN” Facebook Group: Join this public group and get to know other Braiders. Be sure to introduce yourself when you join and poke around to see if there are any others in the network that could be a good fit for what you’re pursuing. Don’t forget that you also have a skillset to offer. Share your strengths in your intro so others know you can be a valuable resource to them.

Mentorships: Braid has made the daunting task of finding a mentor so simple. In the Facebook Group, you’ll see the button, “Mentorship.” This is where you can offer your skills as a mentor or search through the profiles to see if an existing mentor is the right fit for you. Then just click to connect, bada-bing, bada-boom.

Events & Workshops: Happening every month, you can find Braid events on their website, Instagram and Facebook Group. Braid puts together fantastic events full of dynamic panels, speakers and workshops that will leave you feeling connected and re-energized. Grab a friend and attend their next event! (Click here for details! Braid-Mentorship-Meetup)

Partnerships: Just this month, Braid partnered with Tangible School to offer a full scholarship for a 10-week e-commerce school. I have a feeling this is only the beginning of powerful partnerships Braid will be introducing, so stay tuned.


Fun fact: Some of the co-founders of The W Collective Co. first met at Braid’s events! The proof is in the pudding, friends. We’ve seen their well-executed events bring together women and create lasting friendships and bonds to help accelerate your goals. So girl, if you haven’t attended a Braid event yet, go get your ticket now.

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