Last Call to Register for the #Gethired Summit!

With just two days to go until the #Gethired Summit, I am blown away with how everything has come together for this event.

And it all started with an idea a month ago. It's been truly remarkable to see something come to life so quickly.

When Lindsey Ivie first shared the unemployment claim numbers that first week after businesses shut down, she was determined to do something about it.

She came to Luke Mocke and I, and I helped facilitate a town hall with 40 people that also wanted to do something about it.

And from there it took off!

We decided on a name, bought the domain, started strategizing on the concept for the event, and then it slowly started to come to life.

Then in comes Julia Deaver who is probably the most connected person I know and she locked down all our speakers in a matter of a couple of days.

Luke, Tanner and the whole Mentorli team have been working tirelessly to create the site and keep it updated with all the info coming in everyday.

And now we're just a couple of days away from the event going live.

A big thank to Utah Women in Sales, Scott Capener, Katie Nuckols, Bri Ray, Derrin Hill, Amy Caldwell, Jordan Boogaard, Travis Hansen, Jenny Raymer, Tessa White, Stan Lockhart, Kimberlee Carlile, Anneliese Pixton, Lindsey Marx, Wynona Benson, Laurel Johnson, Barbara Thompson, Amanda Wallman (McDonald), Gwen Coleman, Benson McKay, Dalton Carson, Trent Mano, Danene Dustin, Global Sales Executive, and so many more for all their help!

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Finally, our agenda is live! Check it out here -

Join us this Wednesday, April 29th and Thursday, April 30th as we help flatten the unemployment curve.

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