Capturing Life through the Lens with Seitamaa Photography

Photography is one of those things I feel we all take for granted. Ever since the iPhone was introduced and we had a built-in camera with us wherever we go, true, professional photography has become an after-thought, at least in my mind.

However, the place where I'm reminded the most about how amazing good photography is, is on Instagram. Now I know what you're saying, yes it's an app on the iPhone, but depending upon what profiles you follow, there are some amazing photographic explorations, places and moments these accounts capture that I'm in awe of.

Some of the profiles I follow are Conde Nast Traveler, National Geographic and Paul Nicklen, just to name a few. They capture the beauty of people, places, animals and all different parts of the world. What are some of your favorite accounts to follow?

When I was seeking out a local photographer here in Salt Lake, a friend of mine told me about Sandra from Seitamaa Photography. When I checked out her work, I was really impressed. There was something about the way she captured people and nature that I loved, not to mention she was a local female business.

Sandra was born and raised in Sweden, but moved to Utah in 2012. She had no intention to make Utah her permanent residence, but this state had other plans for her with its captivating beauty and amazing people. 

Sandra is mainly hired for portraits, lifestyle shoots and events. The occasional wedding pops up here and there, but what she enjoys shooting the most are portraits where she's trying to capture the true essence of her subject. She's worked together with several female run entrepreneurs and creatives where she has been honored to bring their ideas to life through her photography. Besides portraits, she loves catching those fleeting moments, when perfection is put aside and everything is more candid. Her photos have been featured in Forbes and Buzzfeed, as well as on the cover of several local magazines here in Utah. 

All of her clients are worth mentioning, because they have been a part of her journey and they let her catch a glimpse of theirs. Here are some of her clients that involve larger projects or that she has worked with on multiple occasions: Instasize, Sarah Scott, Lantern Fest, Opposition Gallery Series, Soul Lounge.

You can check out more of Sandra's work on her site, as well as her pricing.

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