Why Publik Coffee is taking Craft Coffee to a New Level

I don't know about you, but I'm a coffee snob. I have two coffee machines at home, both by Breville. One is a traditional espresso machine and the other is made for Nespresso pods. Sure, popping in a Nespresso type coffee pod is fast, easy and convenient, but nothing can compare to grinding fresh coffee beans and making a latte at home. Even when I go out for coffee, if a place only sells drip coffee, I'm usually out the door. I feel like Paul Giamatti's character Miles in the movie Sideways when he says, "If anyone orders Merlot, I'm leaving!"

When I first moved to Salt Lake City five years ago, after living in Sao Paulo, Brazil for four, I was curious if the city had more coffee options beside Starbucks. That's the first time I came across Publik Coffee Roasters at their Central Ninth location. Not only was it a cool space, but the coffee was delicious.

Since then, Publik Coffee has blown up! They opened a location in The Avenues on 3rd Avenue and G Street, which is probably my favorite location. It's cozy, they serve not just their coffee, but some of their staple food, such as their avocado and lox toast, and one of the best things to do is to grab a coffee and take a stroll around the neighborhood.

They also opened Publik Kitchen at 9th and 9th. Less like a coffee shop and more like a quaint breakfast and lunch place, you still get all their fabulous coffee options, as well as an expansion of their food menu. My favorite is the Chicken Salad Melt with a side salad.

Finally, their most recent location is Publik Ed's. Taking over the iconic space called Big Ed's near the University of Utah, which abruptly closed down after 50 years, Publik Ed's not only serves their signature coffee, but also breakfast, burgers and beer.

Missy Greis is the owner and powerhouse behind Publik Coffee Roasters. I've had the privilege to get to know her over the last couple of years and it's been amazing to watch the growth of the brand. Not to mention her passion for the Salt Lake community, other women in business and the environment. All of this is embedded in the brand'S slogan:




Don't get me wrong, we are actually spoiled when it comes to craft coffee in Salt Lake City with several awesome roasters, but I will always support female-founded businesses first. So the next time you're looking for great coffee and great food, and you want to support a woman, check out Publik Coffee Roasters.

(Image c/o Slug Mag & Jo Savage Photography)

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