Here's How You Can Support Small Businesses in our Community

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It seems overnight, things changed around the world. We slowly started to hear about a virus spreading throughout Wuhan, China and before we knew it, it has ravaged Europe and now it's beginning to do the same here in the U.S. Due to how fast the virus was spreading, it seemed the only way to control it was to shutdown entire cities.

The virus is called COVID-19 or Coronavirus, which is an infectious disease caused by a new virus. In some instances it's called SARS-Cov2. Many of us remember the SARS epidemic in 2003. SARS stands for "severe acute respiratory syndrome" and even though genetically, they're related to each other, the diseases are quite different. Below are some resources to better understand this virus with daily updates from the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and the WHO (World Health Organization).

Once we heard that cities across the country were shutting down in order to try and contain and control the virus, we knew that small businesses were going to hurt the most.

Restaurants, coffee shops, hair salons, yoga studios, gyms, childcare providers, spas, hardware stores and the list goes on, would all have to close their doors to the public. When social distancing is the "new normal", these businesses live and die from the public going to them on a daily basis. Knowing how intensely this impacts them, we wanted to put a list together of what you can do to support them during this very trying time.

Take Out & Delivery

Think about all the restaurants, coffee shops, etc that had to close their doors. We need to do what we can to support them so they can keep their lights on and pay for their employees. Here are what some restaurants are doing:

  • Table X: Table X is doing curbside pickup for both their bread and family meals they're putting together. The response has been so positive and overwhelming, that they have been consistently sold out. Follow them on Instagram so you know when they're taking orders and how to pick up your bread or food orders.

  • Harvest: Harvest in Park City has also been doing curbside pickup. Besides their regular menu, they will do a special item of the day, as well as a special juice. Also follow them on Instagram so you can call in your order and pick it up curbside during their normal hours.

  • Curbside Utah: For more information on restaurants in cities around the Valley doing curbside pickup, Localfluence created an awesome site that features a ton of restaurants.

If you know of any other restaurants around the Valley that are offering takeout, delivery or curbside, please add them in the comments below.

Gift Cards

Again, because so many small businesses that rely on the public have had to close their doors, we have to try and support them the best we can. Buying a gift card is also a great way to help these businesses continue to generate revenue as we ride out this storm. Here are some places where you can buy gift cards:

  • Publik Coffee: While you might not be able to go get your daily latte, in the meantime, buy a gift card for friends and family, even yourself! It's revenue to help support their locations and employees while the shutdown continues. Better yet, if you have the means to make coffee at home, get a bag of beans delivered instead! You can even buy some their awesome merchandise.

  • Maven Strong: In the same way you can't get your daily coffee, you can't take your favorite class. Again, in the meantime as we ride this out, buy a gift card for friends, family, yourself, even a co-worker, so when things get back to normal, whatever that may look like, you can use the gift card and take your favorite classes again.

Donate and/or Pay for Services

Think about all the services you would normally pay for during this time. Cleaning services, hair stylists, childcare services, therapists, personal trainers and the like have taken a massive hit from this shutdown and social distancing that we all have to do to control the spread of this virus. We suggest paying them anyways if you can. Any money that they can continue to bring in at this time is going to be immensely helpful.

Check for Services that are Now Online

Whether it's a yoga class or a therapy session, you may be able to continue to take these services online. Here are a couple of options:

  • Rebel House: As soon as word came out that small businesses would have to close, Rebel House jumped into action. They now have some of their favorite classes online. If you have a stationary bike at home, great, if not you can still take their boxing and yoga classes. If you are not a current member, no problem, you can purchase a monthly subscription for $29.99.

  • Seek Studio: Just like Rebel House, Seek Studio quickly recorded a bunch of classes, which you can now access online. Their monthly subscription is $25.

Be Generous with Tipping

Now is the time to generously tip all service workers. They need all the help they can get.

Keep Paying for Memberships and Subscriptions

The memberships and subscriptions you were paying for before this crisis began, please continue to pay for them, if you can, even if they've been temporarily suspended.

Here are some more helpful resources for small businesses

Helpful webinar events

We encourage you to please leave a comment and add information on other helpful resources or businesses that we can support. These are just a few suggestions from business owners we personally know. We know there are a ton more businesses and links we can add from across the state, so please add whatever information you find.

We know these are unprecedented times, but together we will get through this.

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