Why More Women Should Embrace Entrepreneurship with Kassidi Henrie

Kassidi Henrie and her husband were founders of DevMountain, one of the largest and most successful coding bootcamps in the US, from day one through their acquisition by Capella University in 2016. She is now the Director of Finance and Operations at Prenda, a K-8 education company. Besides her love for numbers, she is also the co-founder of a women’s entrepreneurship organization called Braid. She is passionate about mentoring women entrepreneurs and helping women become economically independent.

What do you consider your greatest achievement professionally?

Helping to start and exit DevMountain for a 20 million dollar acquisition.

What inspires you to get out of bed every day? In other words,

what's your "why"?

I love getting up every day and pushing myself professionally. I am currently at a new startup and love taking on the challenges that come with each new day of starting a company. I also love thinking of ways Braid can be more impactful for women in Utah and how we can help women be more economically independent. Having women connect and share their knowledge and network with one another makes me very happy!

When you started your career, what type of guidance do you wish you had? Have you had opportunities to share what you learned along the way?

I wish someone would have told me that I could be an entrepreneur. Growing up on a farm in Idaho, there just weren't women in my life that were business owners. Therefore, being an entrepreneur was never something I envisioned for myself. It wasn't until I met my husband that I was opened up to the world of entrepreneurship.

Yes! That is why I joined Braid, to share with other women that entrepreneurship is an option for them.

What can other generations of women learn most from your

generation of women?

That you can do it all if you want to. You no longer have to choose between being a mother or being a woman in the workforce. With the advances of technology, we as women, have the ability to be able to do both, if we want to.

I also think our generation of women are more willing to collaborate versus compete with one another. Utah needs more women reaching their full potential and we all need to be cheering each other on!

How do you approach the unknown?

I approach the unknown by seeking out every resource I can think of that can help me find the answers. In most cases it is talking to someone in my network to see how they handled a similar problem.

What are some of the influential books that changed your life, and why?

"The Moment of Lift" by Melinda Gates. Her thoughts and experiences on helping women become economically independent throughout the world are inspiring. She gives practical advice on how we can all help women in our communities and I recommend both men and women read it.

"Getting Things Done" by David Allen. This book along with doing Getting Things Done coaching has changed my life! I am able to be more productive and have a system to control and handle my never ending to-do list. Highly recommended!

Was there ever a role you applied for and landed, but weren't 100% qualified to do? How did you proceed?

Yes, when I became the financial controller at DevMountain. I was completely not qualified to help start and grow that business, but you just figure it out along the way. One of our values at DevMountain was "figure it out". Every day we were faced with a different challenge and I had to push myself to be able to figure out solutions. You are never going to be prepared for all the tasks that will be presented to you in the workplace. However, you can perfect your skills in being able to problem solve and find solutions to the unknowns. Sometimes the solution is not clear and you just have to make a decision and move forward. If that decision ends up not working don't be too hard on yourself! That is how you learn and grow, and you will make a more educated decision next time.

What is your greatest fear?

One of my greatest fears is not reaching my full potential by having my thoughts or fears limit me in what I choose to accomplish. Thank heavens for meditation, which helps me conquer this fear on a daily basis.

Who are your heroes in real life?

My mom. She is one of the strongest people I know and has the biggest, warmest heart.

My husband. He opened up the world of entrepreneurship to me and is my biggest cheerleader everyday.

What is your motto?

Never be afraid to be a beginner! If we fear trying something new because we will look silly or won't be good at it, we will never progress.

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