When it's Time to Quit your Job and Follow your Entrepreneurial Dream with Noel Dangerfield

Originally from Argentina, Noel moved to Utah with her parents when she was 11 years old. Being from an immigrant family, definitely taught her the meaning of "self-made". After getting married, having a son, and getting divorced, she was on a quest for self fulfillment and happiness. She ended up in the digital advertising industry in a great job, but also very stressed. After years of working in a corporate environment, it started to wear on her. This is when yoga came in. Yoga had always been a hobby that she had practiced since she was 17, but now Noel was doing yoga at work on her lunch break to help her cope with the stress. She immediately noticed the results. She felt refreshed and renewed! She loved this feeling so much that she wanted to share it with her fellow co-workers. This gave her the idea for Bloom. Noel never intended to make yoga her career, but she felt like she was inspired and naturally guided in this path. In 2015, she went on to get her teaching certification through Centered City Yoga's training school and a few months later quit her corporate job to run Bloom full time. Her current mission is to make yoga more accessible and to help others find more peace in their everyday lives.

When did you take a leap a faith to quit your full-time job and start your own company?

I quit my full time job at KSL in March of 2016 after being there for over 4 years and being very comfortable in my role and salary.

Tell us about Bloom Yoga? How long has it been around for and who are some of your clients?

Bloom got its first client in May 2016. Some of my clients through the years are and have been Pluralsight, Zurixx, TalkDesk, VivintSolar, MountainStar Healthcare, Lightstream, Kiln, multiple apartment residences, etc.

What has been your biggest challenge in running your own company?

The biggest challenge has been to juggle many hats: yoga teacher, accountant, salesperson, customer service, graphic designer, and now boss (since I hired new teachers).

How do you juggle being a single mother and running your company?

I base my entire work schedule around my son. He is the reason I was inspired to start my own company. I set strict boundaries on when I can work and I stick to them. That way I can dedicate the time I have to him, solely to him. And the time that I have for work, is solely for work.

What are some of your go-to places in Salt Lake City for brunch, nails, hair, coffee, etc?

For brunch I love Oasis Cafe, Cafe Niche, and Avenues Bistro. My favorite coffee shop in all of SLC is The Rose Establishment. For nails, I go to Happy Nails on Broadway, Lina has been doing nails for 30 years and she's amazing. For hair I go to my friend Chelsey Frost at Dexterity Salon also on Broadway.

What is your greatest extravagance?

My greatest extravagance is traveling internationally! It's where most of my extra money gets spent.

What is your current state of mind?

My current state of mind is calm, at peace and comfortable. Which usually means it's time to set the next goal!

What do you consider the most overrated virtue?

I would say confidence is pretty overrated. You don't need confidence to get started, just a little faith. I would also say compassion is the most underrated virtue as well.

On what occasion do you lie?

Great question. I used to lie a lot to get out of things/plans and for the past couple of years I've made it a point to be straight forward and say no if I don't want to. Very liberating! I do sometimes lie to my son to protect him from getting hurt (like when he asks about his dad) until a time when he's older.

What do you most dislike about your appearance?

Probably my stomach - lots of stretch marks there from having a baby. But I'm over it!

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